Snow Removal & Plowing

Expert snow removal services in Wallaceburg, providing plowing solutions for driveways and home spaces.

Side Walks

Our specialized sidewalk clearing services are tailored to ensure safe driveways. Using a skid steer with a specialty snow removal blade, we meticulously clear sidewalks, removing snow and ice with precision. Count on Rottier to maintain safe, accessible pathways, guaranteeing the safety and convenience of your property during the snowiest of seasons.

Salting Services

Our specialized salting services offer a proactive approach to combat ice buildup on walkways. Utilizing premium-grade salts and strategic application methods, we meticulously treat surfaces to prevent hazardous icy patches. Trust Rottier to safeguard your pathways, providing reliable and thorough salting solutions that prioritize safety and ensure secure passage, no matter the severity of winter weather.