We provide professional drainage services to clients in Sarnia and Lambton Kent area. Our experienced team delivers high-quality results on time and within budget.


Rottier Excavating offers reliable drainage services for residential, agricultural, and commercial properties. With years of experience, our skilled professionals use advanced techniques and equipment to manage water flow. From redirecting water away from foundations to preventing soil erosion, we provide efficient long lasting drainage solutions to flooded areas of fields. Our services include site assessment, design, installation, and maintenance. Trust Rottier Excavating for top-notch drainage services that keep your property dry and protected.


Rottier Excavating is a trusted name for superior drainage solutions. Our services address flooding, field tile repair, erosion control, eavestrough drains, sump pump discharges, standing water in yard, retaining walls, poor soil drainage, and water accumulation. With precision and quality in mind, our experienced team uses innovative techniques and modern equipment. From French drains to grading, we ensure efficient water flow and prevent damage. Rely on Rottier Excavating for professional drainage services that safeguard your property.